Information for Tenants

Once you decide to move into our advertised property in london, we will draw the tenancy/ agreement subject to satisfactory outcome of your credit and reference check and landlord’s final approval. Before signing the tenancy please note the following information:

Fee Structure

  • CREDIT & REFERENCE CHECK FEE: £175 per reference
  • DEPOSIT: 4 weeks of rent amount
  • PET DEPOSIT: if pet allowed then 2 weeks of the rent amount
  • NON-PAYMENT OF RENT FEE: £80/ Letter sent

Fees Explained


If you like a property marketed by us, we may ask you to pay a holding deposit in order to process your application. The amount will be deducted from the total amount payable, if your application is successful. This payment may not be Refunded, if you decide not to proceed with the tenancy application or have adverse credit / reference check. We reserve the right to retain your holding deposit to meet any reasonable costs or loss of rent whilst the property was withdrawn from the market. It will be returned to you in the event the landlord is unable to proceed.


The cost of referencing includes checking your credit status, previous employer, current or past landlords, and taking into account any other information to help assess the affordability of your tenancy application.


To draw tenancy / agreement, and registering your deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Your deposit is typically six weeks rent


The cost of arranging for a clerk to meet you and agree the current inventory of the property at the start of your tenancy. The cost of the check-out at the end of the tenancy is met by the landlord.


To cover the added risk of property damage. This will be protected with your security deposit and may be returned at the end of the tenancy.


Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement


Collating information and preparing a reference for a future landlord or letting agent


Following documents are required as standard practice:

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Copy of your visa (for non EU members)
  3. Last Three months banks statements
  4. Last three months payslips (If employed) or
  5. Accountants letter declaring your income (if self employed)
  6. Landlord’s reference
  7. Employers reference
  8. Complete home Let form for credit & reference check (if required) We will take up or engage third party for Credit & references checks based on the details that you have provided. On satisfactory outcome of the checks we may draw the tenancy agreement.


A deposit equivalent to six weeks’ rent must be paid in cleared funds before you sign the tenancy agreement. On landlord behalf, Delta Dwellings will protect your deposit in one of the deposit protection schemes either on insurance based or custodial based schemes. Delta Dwellings discard liability in relation to loss caused by the insolvency of a deposit protection scheme. All or any deposit deductions must be agreed in writing by both landlord and tenant upon the termination of the tenancy. The tenant cannot hold Delta Dwellings liable for any deductions made from the deposit which may fall into dispute. Any interest, if any, earned on the deposit shall be retained by Delta Dwellings.

Payment of Rent

The first instalment of advance rent must be paid in cleared funds before you sign the tenancy agreement. Thereafter, rent is payable by standing order, unless agreed otherwise, to reach on the due date as agreed in the tenancy agreement

Utilities and Council Tax

Tenant is responsible for the payment of Council Tax, Electric, Gas, Water, Phone, Tele licence during the tenancy. The tenant is responsible to notify the relevant companies and the local authority about check into/out of the property.

Property Management

Before signing of the tenancy you will be informed who will manage the property. If we are not managing the property, we are not responsible for any repairs, maintenance or any property related issues. Where we are managing the property, we may have to obtain the landlord’s consent before proceeding with a repair or maintenance of the property


Its tenant’s responsibility to insure his/her own belongings throughout the tenancy.


If the tenant pay rent directly to landlord’s bank account and landlord is resident overseas, the tenant will be responsible for applying the provisions of the HM Revenue and Customs Non-Resident Landlords scheme for taxing UK rental income and should ask us for advice on this. These provisions do not apply where tenant is paying rent to Delta Dwellings.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations

Delta Dwellings is subject to the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. As a result, we will need to ask you for suitable identification, and will be unable to proceed with any work on your behalf if we are unable to obtain this from you.

Complaints Handling Procedure

In the event that you feel dissatisfied with our service and wish to make a complaint, you will need to follow our Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP), details of which can be found below: Membership details Delta Dwellings is a member of Property Redress Scheme (PRS) By belonging to the organisation, we are required to follow strict professional standards.

Stage One – Office Admin We would request that you initially make your complaint in writing to the Admin officer in charge of the section of our company to which the issue arose. Upon receipt of your complaint Office Admin will acknowledge within 3 working days and will assess your submission and will respond within 14 working days of receiving your written complaint. Contact details: Office Admin, Delta Dwellings Ltd, 618 Green Lane, IG3 9SE. We aim to resolve all complaints during this initial stage. However, if you are still dissatisfied, you will need to progress to next and final stage.

Stage Two – Director If you need to progress your complaint beyond the Office Admin you must do so within 28 days of receiving response; you may address your complaint to the Director directly. Your correspondence will be acknowledged within 3 working days and the director will issue a Viewpoint letter within 21 working days. Contact details: The Director, Delta Dwellings Ltd, 618 Green Lane, IG3 9SE

Stage Three – Property Redress Scheme (PRS)- Upon receipt of our Viewpoint letter, in the event that you are dissatisfied, you may contact Property Redress Scheme. The contact details for Property Redress Scheme are as follows: Telephone: 0333 321 9418, email:, website: or post: Property Redress Scheme, Premiere House, 1st Floor, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1JH. The Property Redress Scheme will not consider your complaint until you have exhausted our internal complaints procedure

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