Extending your home will not only give you more space to live, it will also increase the value of your property if done correctly.

We offer a complete service; we have all the necessary people to ensure your home extension is completed on time and on budget, we also have a site manager for each project ensuring everything goes to plan.

We also offer all other building services that are associated when extending your home, the building services we offer are bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting, plastering, tiling, painting and decorating, floor specialists.


Loft Conversions are an effective way of extending your property, your loft conversion can be used as a much needed extra bedroom for young growing families through to a home office to save on business overheads.

On appiontment, our surveyor will discuss with you the different types of loft conversions available to you.

Velux Conversion 

Velux type conversion as shown below consists of Velux windows being installed into the existing roofline. No change is made to the shape of the existing roof, therefore planning is very rarely required.

A Velux conversion is the most reasonable style of conversion for those on a smaller budget, with scope for a possible dormer conversion in the future, subject to planning approval and building regulations.

Rear Dormer type Conversion

A rear dormer type conversion is the most common type of Loft Conversion. Just Like a Velux conversion, Velux windows can be inserted into the front roof slope, to the rear of the property a Large dormer is added, creating a large area of flat ceiling to the inside of your new loft conversion. This conversion is most common with terrace, end of terrace and semi detached houses.

Rear Dormer Conversions can usually be undertaken through the rights of permitted development, this means that planning permission may not be required. Although planning permission may not be required, all Loft Conversions should require building regulations.

This type of conversion can house up to 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, depending on the size of the property. To undertake this type of conversion an existing head height in the loft space must be at least 2250mm from the existing ceiling joists to the underside of the ridge beam. (the ridge beam is usually the highest point within the loft).

Kitchen / Loft Extensions
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