Architectural Services


Our highly talented and creative team of architects is behind the great designs. We know that every family is different and we take time to listen to all its members so that we can successfully merge everyone's needs and wishes. Our philosophy is to create beautiful rooms that work, whether we are working with classic period interiors or minimalist and modern ones.

Our experience, accumulated over many years, allows us to address new challenges with knowledge and competence and we are able to advise you instantly if an idea will work on aesthetic, functional, technical or financial level.

Apart from great designs, we have a track record for obtaining planning permissions in record time, managing agents and freeholders, and circumnavigating the red tape!


The ideal start is to meet at the property in question to discuss your intended plans. We can then start to develop your ideas to find the best design for you, that would also be acceptable to the local planning authorities.

The next step is to measure and draw the existing layout to enable us to begin the detailed design of your project. We aim to get you a preliminary drawing, of the new building, after only a few days, this gives you an opportunity to make any final adjustments and give it your approval. We can then complete the design/drawing stage within 7 days.

At this point, through our careful design and choice of materials, we are able to keep your building costs to a minimum, whilst, at the same time, achieving the full potential from the space you have available.

The only task remaining is for us to fill in the forms with your details, we would then submit them along with our plans to the relevant authorities and await approval. When the plans are passed you are free to commence with the building work. Building regulation drawings may be required on the larger jobs, which we can also produce for you.

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